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Advancing the Common Good

Anyone can champion the common good.  Whether you are speaking out to improve community conditions, writing letters to elected officials, learning about important social issues or wearing your LIVE UNITED shirt to show support, you are helping to inspire hope and to create opportunities for a better life for all people. So, go ahead and be an advocate in a LIVE UNITED world. Be visible. Be loud. Be strong.

Advancing the common good is not just about helping one person at a time—it’s about changing systems and social conditions to help all of us.

Stand Up For What You Believe In

What does it mean to advocate? It is a power that we all have.  It is what you believe in your heart.  It is standing up for others who cannot stand up for themselves. It can be championing a cause. It can also mean simply not being silent. LIVING UNITED is finding your true voice and joining it with others. Change is possible. UNITED, we will be heard.   

Be an advocate for River Cities United way.  Be a Champion for Change.  

Become a Champion for Change

Share Your Story
How do you Live United? Send us your story and pictures so we can share it with the community.  Have a video camera? Post your story online on YouTube!

Share in Our Success Stories
United Way funded programs have a positive impact on thousands of lives in Mohave & La Paz Counties • Laughlin, NV. • Needles, CA. --- Read their stories to see how your donations are making a lasting change in our community.

Promote Your United Way
Speak up and stand strong as someone who knows how to Live United.  Wear the LIVE UNITED shirt proudly in our community.  Place a link on your website back to ours.  Add the cause to your Facebook profile.  Let your voice be heard and show the world what it means to LIVE UNITED.


“How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank


22,685 people were helped saving $2.1M on prescription medication, an average of 41%.


13 K-12 students received dental referrals, 6 (47%) of which required additional work. The program saved those families an average of $109.79 per claim. 3 students received medical or vision care at an average cost of $83.33.


48 volunteers working 192 hours delivered oral health education and smile kits to 1,272 Kindergarteners, in 53 classrooms, at 20 schools, in 8 communities across 2 counties.

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94 attendees completed the 4-hour workshop covering budgeting and savings. 100% of attendees surveyed after 6-months, reported an improved financial situation.


20 volunteers working 140 hours assisted in preparing and submitting 263 tax returns at 5 sites, saving 2 communities $65,750 in filing fees.





The following companies are $5,000+ Corporate Cornerstone Givers, which covers administrative costs associated with operating our offices.

2016-2017 Campaign

Special Thanks to UniSource for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Mohave State Bank for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Havasu Regional Medical Center for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way

Thank you also to our Pillar Society Donors.

Interested in adding your company to the list? Please Contact Us
Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce
Needles Chamber of Commerce

Kingman Chamber of Commerce

Laughlin Chamber of Commerce

McMullen Chamber of Commerce

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits


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