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2016-2017 Pillar Society Donors



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Tocqueville Society


The Society honors Alexis de Tocqueville, an early visitor to the United States and author of “Democracy in America”.


He recognized, applauded and immortalized American voluntary action on behalf of the common good. He wrote: “I must say that I have seen Americans make a great deal of real sacrifices to the public welfare; and have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend a faithful support to one another.” Americans understand that advancing the common good means creating opportunities for a better life for all.


The River Cities United Way Tocqueville Society recognizes donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually to improve people’s lives and strengthen our community.



Delta Dental of Arizona

McKee Foods Corporation

Mohave State Bank

Sterilite Corporation

UniSource Energy Services





Jack & Betty McKee

Lou & Edith Soldwedel Trust




Our Pillar Sponsors

Donors of $500+


$7,500—$9,999 GOLD
Businesses & Foundations


True Value




$5,000—$ 7,499 SILVER
Businesses & Foundations

Radio Central LLC.




Individuals & Families

1 Anonymous




$2,500 –$4,999 COPPER
Businesses & Foundations

Campbell Redi-mix



Individuals & Families

Jason & Christine Anderson

Tom & Jenece Gaughan

Terry & Lisa Gleason

Thien M. Ngo

1 Anonymous Donor




$1,000—$2,499 BRONZE
Businesses & Foundations

Arizona Public Service

Calvary Baptist Church


Harley Davidson

Sam's Beachcomber RV



Individuals & Families

Christopher L. Allen

Bradley D. Baver

Allan Bell

Terry Boatman

Kathy Chapman

Don B. Cook

Tim Costa

Aldo (Bill) DeJulio Jr.

Jay Fetterman

Linda M. Haas

Jeff Haller

Keith L. Helmer

Jeff Jennings

Ryan M. Kennedy

William B. Latimer

Pedro Jose Leyba

Rudy N. Lopez

James Magnan

Cheryl D. Martin

Sharon A. Martinez

Mike McAndrew

William C. McClure

Douglas & Pamela Mead

Charles & Cindy Michalski

Monti C. Midgette

Tabatha Miller

Kimberly Mitchell

Amin & Celmira Norona

John & Ellen Parrott

Ryan Peake

Rodney Phelps

Robert Radcliff

Robert & Geri Rasmussen

Ann Regueiro

Brian M. Riley

Ron Satour

Marilyn & Ralph Sombon

Brian Springberg

Robert & Sandy Turnwall

Chraig M. Wenner

Adam J. Westwood

Deborah A. Williams

Anthony W. Woodring

7 Anonymous Donors

$500—$999 PILLAR
Businesses & Foundations

Beachcomber Estates Winter Activities Club

Cascades Tissue Company

Desert De Oro Food

Network Marketing Services, Inc.

Staples Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank



Individuals & Families

Justin Acton

James Andreasen

Gene Apedaile & Susan Collins

Gary & Maria Ardesson

Ike & Linda Arriola

Diane S. Auman

Randy L. Austin

Connie N. Bauldoff

Arelene Black

Shanelle L. Blackburn

Timothy D. Blanchard

Dana R. Bowers

Aaron Bracamonte

Carl Bradshaw

Joselyn Branchik

Meredith L. Bredeweg

Derreck Carley

Mark & Mary Clark

Alexander Cline

Christopher Coakley

Jessica L. Coglietti

Jeni Coke

Jesse A. Conn

Whitney & Christy Crow

Adam Davner

Shawn & Lyn Demaret

Wayne Dixon

James Dwyer

Phyllis E. Enlund

Lesley Fenderson

Terry L. Fleming

Baharak Sara Fouroughi

Heather A. Franklin

David R. Garcia

Kris & Kelly C. Garry

John R. Garst

Doris M. Grasser

Laureen Greenwell

Adam F. Griffith

Brian Hall

John & Monica Hall

Sierra M. Hans

Craig Holder

Kathy Hopper

Ronald & Patricia Hurst

James D. Ishmael

Eileen Jacobson

Teri M. Jameson

Annette Johansen

James L. Johnson

Anthony H. Jorgensen

Scott Jump

Mike D. Keane

Thomas Wrona & Deborah Kinzer

Phil & Lisa J. Krueger

Katheryn L. Kurn

Darryl W. Lancaster

Lorraine Leeming

Andy Lunsford

Douglas Main Sr.

SHaron Mann

Duane Mann

David E. Marshall

Tonia K. McCarthy

Mathew McDermott

Dave McManama

Rosario & Cindy Medina

Lee A. Miller

John Murphy

Renee L. Nelson

Mark & Eileen Nexsen

Christy S. Ostermeier

Joe Overly

Kyle E. Partch

Michael N. Patterson

Daniel S. Pearc

Cheryl L. Porter

Roger W & Nancy L. Powell

Phyllis & Robert Rathburn

John Reinartz

Jeremy & Lisa Riddle

James L. Roberts

Linda D. Roberts

Mike Roberts

Michael S. Rosen

Alex & Cinda Ross

Teresa A. Roth

Robin Z. Rush

Scott & Julie Sasseen

Stephen E. Schmidt

Joel Selman

Donna Sproul

Robert & Rhaanon Starkey

Danny Stout

Joe Sungnam

Ryan Swapp

Linda S. Toy

Brian J. Turney

Tommie Upton




22,685 people were helped saving $2.1M on prescription medication, an average of 41%.


13 K-12 students received dental referrals, 6 (47%) of which required additional work. The program saved those families an average of $109.79 per claim. 3 students received medical or vision care at an average cost of $83.33.


48 volunteers working 192 hours delivered oral health education and smile kits to 1,272 Kindergarteners, in 53 classrooms, at 20 schools, in 8 communities across 2 counties.

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94 attendees completed the 4-hour workshop covering budgeting and savings. 100% of attendees surveyed after 6-months, reported an improved financial situation.


20 volunteers working 140 hours assisted in preparing and submitting 263 tax returns at 5 sites, saving 2 communities $65,750 in filing fees.





The following companies are $5,000+ Corporate Cornerstone Givers, which covers administrative costs associated with operating our offices.

2016-2017 Campaign

Special Thanks to UniSource for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Mohave State Bank for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Havasu Regional Medical Center for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way

Thank you also to our Pillar Society Donors.

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Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce
Needles Chamber of Commerce

Kingman Chamber of Commerce

Laughlin Chamber of Commerce

McMullen Chamber of Commerce

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits


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