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Support your Local Students through the Kids Bright and Healthy Program currently serving Mohave and La Paz Counties.

Kids Bright and Healthy provides vision and/or dental care, participation fees, adequate shoes or clothing, transportation and other assistance.

Should you be interested in assisting this program, there are numerous ways to help.




Local Coin Boxes can be found at:
• Horizon Community Bank
• Lake Havasu Marina
• Mohave State Bank
• Peggy's Sunrise Cafe
• Sundance Gas Station
• Southside Laundromat
• Vanity Studio

If you know of a business that would like to participate please call our office 928-855-6333.

Imagine a third grader goes to school - her cheek is swollen, and her gum is bleeding. She goes directly to the Nurse's Office. She has an abscessed tooth and is in pain. She can't eat, and surely she can't go to class in this condition. The Nurse immediately phones a local Dental Office and arranged an emergency appointment. Thanks to the cooperation between the Dental Office and the School District, this little girl got the dental assistance she needed – and at a substantial discount.


These are some actual stories received from the School District regarding our current emergent needs of our youth in the community and how the Kids Bright and Healthy Program assisted.

  • A fifth grade boy is having a difficult time in his classroom with his assignments. He told his teacher that he can't see her or the assignments on the board. The teacher notified the Liaison in the school of the students' problem. The Liaison then phoned a Vision Center that works closely with the School District. This student had an eye exam and now wears glasses in class.

  • A little first grade girl goes to school with lice in her hair. The School Nurse asked her if she would like to have some pretty barrettes in her hair that would match her outfit. She said yes! The Nurse washed and combed her hair, then put the barrettes in. The little girl was so excited about the new barrettes, she didn't even realize she got her hair washed and combed!

  • Lice shampoo, combs, barrettes – along with other hygiene supplies such as tooth brushes and tooth paste are also in the Nurse's Offices. Thanks to purchasing cooperation with our local vendors, it's possible for our staff to supply these items when needed.

  • A middle school student can't participate in Physical Education because he doesn't have sneakers. A local vendor, in cooperation with the School District supplies the sneakers, along with other items necessary for Physical Education/sports – at a discount rate.

  • Just last week one Liaison shared a story. A kindergarten student was wearing the same worn out shorts day after day – not even being washed. He had on sneakers with the laces open and his feet hanging over the backs because they were too small. Our Liaison called him into the Nurse's Office and handed him 2 pair of jeans and new sneakers. He grabbed them, and was so excited! He kept saying "I won!! I won!!". He thought he won a prize for good behavior or a good grade ... How sad is that....


We have Liaisons in each school who recognize student's needs. Their requests come to the Grants Dept on a daily basis. Additional requests for our students include summer school fees, extracurricular class fees such as art, band fees, scholarships, school and personal hygiene supplies, and standardized clothing. It also includes transportation for after school tutoring.

At one time or another, any student in our district may need assistance, and we want to be able to give it. We must help our students in need.

Between August 1st, 2012 - July 30, 2013 RCUW has helped 47 students from kindergarten through high school age within Kingman (9), La Paz (2), and Lake Havasu (36) with exams, x-rays, cleanings, and sealants. 13% of these children were provided with additional dental work.

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