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Since 2007 River Cities United Way has been locally distributing discount cards to help the low income families of La Paz and Mohave Counties save money and afford medicinal assistance from local Pharmacies, Doctors offices, agencies, social service offices, daycares, and various health services supporting the program. These cards are free of charge to the public and are good for anyone without prescription coverage. The cards state the average savings is 35% but we have seen an average savings for our community be 40-48%.


How the Program Works

This is not insurance. Rather, it is a program that offers immediate discounts on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies. Simply present your card to one of the pharmacies listed, with each prescription from your doctor, to receive your discounts. These cards can also be used for any family member living in your household withouth insurance.

On average, generic drugs cost 20-70% less and produce the same results as comparable brand-name drugs. Your cost for medication will be the discount price offered through this program, or the pharmacy's usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. This means you are assured the lowest price in that store, at the time you purchase the medication.


Talk With Your Physician

Make sure that your physician knows that saving money is important to you. Ask that they prescribe a generic equivalent or lower-cost alternative if at all appropriate. Also, make sure that they know about any other drugs you are taking that may alter the effectiveness of the medications they are prescribing. Finally, make sure that you understand the drug therapy they prescribe so that you obtain the most value from the drugs that you are about to invest in. The following "Message to Physicians" contains information that should assist you in talking with your doctor about saving money.


Message to the Physician

This plan is designed to save your patient money and promote good health. Use of alternative medications recommended at the point-of-sale is not required. This plan will only reject a prescription on the basis of a medication-to-medication interaction. Please make sure your patient discloses all the medications they are taking and understands their medication therapy, including possible drug and food interactions.

This plan has no maximum day or quantity limits. This allows the patient to obtain larger quantities of maintenance medications that may resul in greater cost savings. When appropriate, please prescribe a generic medication therapy, or consider dispensing the lowest-cost alternative within the therapeutic class. Please also consider recommending pill splitting of a higher dosage and/or alternative medication when appropriate. This may offer the consumer greater savings.


Please use this link to access the Family Wize Discount Drug Card Website for your
questions regarding participating pharamcies, drug prices, and general questions you
may have: www.familywize.com


22,685 people were helped saving $2.1M on prescription medication, an average of 41%.


13 K-12 students received dental referrals, 6 (47%) of which required additional work. The program saved those families an average of $109.79 per claim. 3 students received medical or vision care at an average cost of $83.33.


48 volunteers working 192 hours delivered oral health education and smile kits to 1,272 Kindergarteners, in 53 classrooms, at 20 schools, in 8 communities across 2 counties.

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94 attendees completed the 4-hour workshop covering budgeting and savings. 100% of attendees surveyed after 6-months, reported an improved financial situation.


20 volunteers working 140 hours assisted in preparing and submitting 263 tax returns at 5 sites, saving 2 communities $65,750 in filing fees.





The following companies are $5,000+ Corporate Cornerstone Givers, which covers administrative costs associated with operating our offices.

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