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Quail Run 2017 Results


River Cities United Way held their 7th Annual Quail Run on Saturday, October 28th. This year's event was another great success and our Halloween theme was a huge hit! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had 36 adults run the 5K Run/Walk and two kids run in the 1K Kids Run. Most participants dressed for the occasion with the best costume going to Melissa Holloway, participant, and Shark Dog, pet. This year’s event raised more than $2,000 for our Kids Bright & Healthy Program which helps to provide medical, dental and vision services to kids whose parents might not be able to afford these services otherwise.

We would like to thank everyone who ran in this year's race, our sponsors and the volunteers that donated so much of their time to make this event happen. Without all of these individuals and businesses, this event would not be possible.


Congratulations to this year's winners of the 7th Annual Quail Run! (BELOW)


1.         Dan Kuch                   M-43               17:55               1st Overall Male

2.         Jim Sorensen             M 50-59          18:25               1st Male Master

3.         Wyatt Pickering          M-12               20:52               1st Male 14 & Under

4.         Holly Tsosie               F-16                21:27               1st Overall Female

5.         Kelly Pickering           M-47               23:04               1st Male 40-49

6.         Frank Sinopoli             M-31               23:56               1st Male 30-39

7.         Derek Malecki             M-36               26:42               2nd Male 30-39

8.         Daniel Schickner         M-48               27:11               2nd Male 40-49

9.         Mike Gual                   M-60+             28:39               1st Male 60 & Over

10.       Phyna Cook                F-26                 28:41               1st Female 20-29

11.       Brandy Masavage       F-31                 29:16               1st Female 30-39

12.       Charmayne Keith     F 40-49           30:31               1st Female Master

13.       Jim Huntoon               M-70               30:48               2nd Male 60 & Over

14.       Jenna Duffy                F-28                 31:59               2nd Female 20-29

15.       Joanne Cadelaria         F-43                 34:32               1st Female 40-49

16.       Amanda Baker            F-28                 34:50               3rd Female 20-29

17.       Sam Zaykoski             F-25                 36:47               4th Female 20-29

18.       Roniie Gamarra           M-14               37:04               2nd Male 14 & Under

19.       Melissa Holloway       F-49                 38:25               2nd Female 40-49

20.       Makenize Baker          F-32                 38:59               2nd Female 30-39

21.       Kim Esquibel Soles    F-53                 41:11               1st Female 50-59

22.       Renee Cox                  F-45                 41:53               3rd Female 40-49

23.       Bobbi Benton              F-72                 42:40               1st Female 60 & Over

24.       Chris Davis                 F-60+              46:44               2nd Female 60 & Over

25.       Cheryl Hamm             F-60+              48:46               3rd Female 60 & Over

26.       Denise Neath              F-60+              48:47               4th Female 60 & Over

27.       Deb Liverance             F-51                 49:48               2nd Female 50-59

28.       Ellen Key                    F-50-59           50:49               3rd Female 50-59

29.       Amber Summerson     F-30-39           52:13               3rd Female 30-39

30.       Lynne Petersen           F-55                 53:45               4th Female 50-59

31.       Greg Call                     M-56               53:46               1st Male 50-59

32.       Catalina Steele            F-62                 55:02               5th Female 60 & Over

33.       Diane Young               F-60+              58:08               6th Female 60 & Over

34.       Sierra Agnew              F-10                 58:10               1st Female 14 & Under

35.       Thuong Nguyen          M-60+             1:04:15            3rd Male 60 & Over


36.       Sherry Koch                F-60+              1:04:15            7th Female 60 & Over             



22,685 people were helped saving $2.1M on prescription medication, an average of 41%.


13 K-12 students received dental referrals, 6 (47%) of which required additional work. The program saved those families an average of $109.79 per claim. 3 students received medical or vision care at an average cost of $83.33.


48 volunteers working 192 hours delivered oral health education and smile kits to 1,272 Kindergarteners, in 53 classrooms, at 20 schools, in 8 communities across 2 counties.

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94 attendees completed the 4-hour workshop covering budgeting and savings. 100% of attendees surveyed after 6-months, reported an improved financial situation.


NEXT CLASS April 28, 9 AM - 1 PM in LHC


20 volunteers working 140 hours assisted in preparing and submitting 263 tax returns at 5 sites, saving 2 communities $65,750 in filing fees.



The following companies are $5,000+ Corporate Cornerstone Givers, which covers administrative costs associated with operating our offices.

2016-2017 Campaign

Special Thanks to UniSource for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Mohave State Bank for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way
Special Thanks to Havasu Regional Medical Center for being a Corporate Cornerstone Contributor to River Cities United Way

Thank you also to our Pillar Society Donors.

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