Many Volunteers Thanked at Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

During River Cities United Way's Volunteer Apprecation Luncheon on May 20th --- 40 Volunteers were on-hand to be recognized for their highest level of achievement in volunteerism.  From Board of Directors, community Advisory Committees, top campaigns, VITA and Voluntolds... attached are just a few of the memories we captured during the day of the event....



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RCUW Board of Directors: Cheryl Porter, Kathy Hopper, Witney Crow, Craig Wenner, Julie Sasseen
(Not piicured: Bill DeJulio, Lorraine Leeming, Brandon Warner, Monica Hall, Wendy Griffits)



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Outgoing Board Chair & Retired Fire Chief - Dennis Mueller




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Bullhead Advisory: Whitney Crow and Mary Schramm
(not pictured: Paul Douglass, Robert Jacobo and Dennis Van)




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Havasu Advisory Committee: Linda Freidly, Eileen Reed, Nancy Darrow, Petra Z, Joseph Cooley, Lesly Fenderson, Jana Stump and Sara Smith
(not pictured: Cheryl Ramsden, Jerri Brocamonte, Kirk Lawrence, Mary Eidmann, Sharon Mann and Rob Turnwell)


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Kingman Advisory: Sue Becker, Laura Hansen
(not pictured: Krystal Burge, Bill DeJulio, Susy Conklin, Lynn Kannianen, Ryan Kennedy,
Lorraine Leeming, Marguerite Smith, Don Vawter, Chuck Waalkins and Toni Harris)





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Vita Coordinator Sara Smith with Ciera Vandehey




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Voluntolds: Rhaanon Starkey, Shawn Demaret
(not pictured: Gary Nicholaysen, Dan Blythe, Timothy Ayers, Anthony Wood)




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More Invested: Wells Fargo — with Tristen LaRue, Eileen Dempsey-Reed and Terri Jamison




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All Hands In (100% Employee Participation) — with Lesly Fenderson, Jana Stump and Craig Wenner





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#SOCIALMEDIA: Lake Havasu City Campaign Coordinators - Sharon Mann, Jenny Slettebo, Diane Libby, Jerri Bracamonte, Carol Henry + Susan Fox, Shannon Davis, Terrie Haas, Brian Jacobs, and RN Mendoza — with Jenny Slettebo, Jerri Meek-Bracamonte, Carol Henry and R.n. Men'doza





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Community Supporter Thru The Years: Elaine "Missy" Wood



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Community Stakeholder: Julie Sasseen — with Julie Mackey Sasseen



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Top Tier Cornerstone and Foundation Award: Sterilite




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